Performance Management

Forward-thinking organizations should always prioritize tracking methods of performance management, the root of all success within the corporate landscape.

Traditional evaluation models reward individual achievement as the result of collaboration and teamwork. This process certainly has its advantages and benefits.
However, it can also be a fixed mindset, an archaic approach which doesn't adequately account for the many changes of the digital world. Cal Titus Sports has developed numerous pay-for-performance models for its prestigious clientele, innovative methods of driving productivity, eliminating unintended consequences with standard workflow and ensuring a robust linkage between results and timely reward programs. And as mentioned above, no assignment shall be treated as a throw-away measure. When seeking elite-level prospects to handle the day-to-day functions of a multi-million dollar athletic department, Cal Titus' full impact would become recognizable in a short period of time.

Succession Management

Changes are inevitable within collegiate and pro sports, given the zero-sum aspect of intense competition and remarkably thin line separating winners and losers. However, the leadership-transition process isn't always a smooth journey; and in many cases, it can inject turmoil and uncertainty into a once-harmonious organizational dynamic.

Cal Titus Sports has plenty of experience managing transfers of power in the corporate setting, including the execution of well-crafted succession plans. Our management consultants possess the requisite expertise to design and implement custom-tailored strategies for replacing leaders at the top, while ensuring stability with top-down levels.


What Seperates US from the competition?

- Our constant access to active and former chief officers, general managers and hiring directors allows us to stay up-to-date with simulation exercises, assessment techniques and interviewing internal and external candidates for high-level positiions.

- Cal Titus Sports has a proven model for reviewing and quantifying blue-chip talent (existing and prospective), in terms of managing promotions.

- Our corporate-culture experts will implement the best methods for filling organizational gaps and redefining individual roles.

We'll also adhere to the time-tested tactics of effective communication

(a) Explicitly conveying goals/objectives to every organizational member.

(b) Maintaining constant feedback between a prospective hire (or promotion) and the supervisor.

(c) Eliminating poor communicative habits among the workers and leaders.

(d) Ensuring everyone's on the same page, as the company undergoes a substantial restructuring at the top.

Volume Recruitment

Cal Titus Sports specializes in singular hires for major college and professional entities. However, these custom-based solutions also have an application with mass-recruitment requests.

Our highly skilled, fully connected project managers respond favorably to the challenge of filling multiple or large vacancies in relatively short order — whether it's the creation of a corporate division, the coordination of intern hires, construction/relocation of a new satellite office, execution of product launches, implementation of interim strategies for fast-moving mergers/acquisitions ... or merely developing a next-wave foundation of down-the-road candidates for major opportunities.


The Banana Analogy

No firm can simulate Cal Titus Sports' inside access to major power brokers, covering many different fields and spanning countless countries around the globe. As part of this vast undertaking, we will never handle our well-connected network with negligent care.


In other words, the union of executive prospect and prolific company would only become proper once both parties share the same creative and logistical goals. Otherwise, it's merely a waste of everyone's time ... and in our business, time IS money. Cal Titus Sports also doesn't endorse the notion of a one-size-fits-all narrative to servicing clients.

Which brings us to our favorite sports analogy: When the larger placement houses generate 'template' responses for their clients, instead of detailed, form-fitting solutions, it's akin to a PGA Tour caddie placing a banana in the golf bag of his boss during the offseason.

At first blush, it's a humorous way of the caddie gauging whether the professional golfer has backed up a previous promise to work diligently during the winter months. Upon further inspection, though, it resembles a passive-aggressive measure for avoiding the real truth and failing to realize the tandem's full potential as a golfing partnership.

At Cal Titus Sports, we're not interested in communication breakdowns or passively sending messages to customers, on the hopes of lucking our way into positive results in the end. We'll be there at every turn, motivating the clients and companies, while sparing no resource in our quest to exceed expectations on every level.

Cal Titus Sports also doesn't endorse the notion of a one-size-fits-all narrative servicing clients.

Our highly skilled, fully connected project managers respond favorably to the challenge of filling multiple or large vacancies in relatively short order