What Seperates Cal Titus Sports from the Competition?

in addition to our aggressive pledge to provide premium services at an unheard-of value proposition, complete with unparalleled flexibility?

Our clean, relentless obsession for matching up the right person to any vacancy must comply with an extensive four-point checklist, factoring in short- and long-term growth:

Can we bring this level of ingenuity, sophistication and success to every vacancy? Our time-tested process appeals to the customers' complete spectrum of long-range needs — assessment, development, on-boarding and organizational design, among other primary functions.



Does each Cal Titus candidate have the personality and leadership capabilities to excite the fan base, and/or unify the campus masses, perhaps attaining a level of hysteria that hasn't been experienced in many years?



Would our elite-level finalists bring instant buzz and renewed credibility to the franchise or college program seeking new direction at the top?



Would each finalist have the energy and charisma to sell their message to every donor (big and small), ticket-buying fan, network partner and TV-influenced consumer, or anyone else possessing strong emotional ties to the program?



Two, three or even five years down the road, would every blue-chip hire ultimately generate this blanket statement from sports executives and media around the country: "Wow, Cal Titus Sports really nailed that one!"