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Cal Titus Sports prides itself in staying ahead of the curve with digital transformation, continually identifying and assessing the landmark changes which consume this data-driven industry. Looking to survive in a flourishing economy, brought forth by instantaneous shifts with analytical research and machine learning, among other groundbreaking advances?

CTS has the pre-eminent model for recruiting premium talent to its valued clients, introducing potential game-changers to a marketplace that can never have enough innovative leaders.


Dynamic Fields

Cal Titus Sports has made tremendous strides with higher education in recent years, aggressively identifying, recruiting and on-boarding academic leaders for some of the country's most prestigious universities and private colleges. The CTS network has developed crucial relationships with school presidents, chancellors, vice presidents, provosts, deans, coaches, players and athletic directors throughout the country.

Human Resources

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Cal Titus Sports offers renowned expertise with the enormous task of staffing corporate front offices, outside of coaching or athletic director searches, within the crucial fields of payroll, accounting, IT services, personnel development, corporate communications and community relations, among others. Our connected army of consultants can provide intimate access to the administrative departments at colleges and sports clubs of varying size.