The Four-Point Checklist

What Separates Cal Titus Sports from the Competition?

in addition to our aggressive pledge to provide premium services at an unheard-of value proposition, complete with unparalleled flexibility?

Our clean, relentless obsession for matching up the right person to any vacancy must comply with an extensive four-point checklist, factoring in short- and long-term growth:

Can we bring this level of ingenuity, sophistication and success to every vacancy? Our time-tested process appeals to the customers' complete spectrum of long-range needs — assessment, development, on-boarding and organizational design, among other primary functions.



Does each Cal Titus candidate have the personality and leadership capabilities to excite the fan base, and/or unify the campus masses, perhaps attaining a level of hysteria that hasn't been experienced in many years?



Would our elite-level finalists bring instant buzz and renewed credibility to the franchise or college program seeking new direction at the top?



Would each finalist have the energy and charisma to sell their message to every donor (big and small), ticket-buying fan, network partner and TV-influenced consumer, or anyone else possessing strong emotional ties to the program?



Two, three or even five years down the road, would every blue-chip hire ultimately generate this blanket statement from sports executives and media around the country: "Wow, Cal Titus Sports really nailed that one!"

A Plan For Everything

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At Cal Titus Sports we take immense pride and great care in procuring our reputation as a worldwide leader with coaching and executive hires within collegiate and professional sports.

Our formidable group of analysts, athletes, negotiators, researchers, directors and media game-changers have already forged robust relationships with power brokers in the educational/corporate/financial fields.

They're also devoted to the same daily principle of filling these top-level vacancies with the utmost discretion and creativity.

It all feeds into our well-earned legacy of taking a bulldog approach to executing every essential task.

WE take crisis prevention to a whole new level.

Despite our unrelenting quest for front-door access and high-yield results, we humbly acknowledge that even the most prepared companies are occasionally vulnerable to crisis matters — from either a financial, cultural, social or educational standpoint.

However, with our various readiness plans in place, Cal Titus Sports has the resources and know-how to quickly restore order, confidence and trust among students, faculty, shareholders, TV networks, conference leaders and program patrons.

In fact, our daily code aligns nicely with the US military forces' unwavering objective of being prepared for every eventuality.

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Proprietary Tools

Cal Titus Sports' proprietary "CTS Database" contains/maintains data and statistical analysis, spanning a multitude of industries.

Our CTS Database

This Advanced System has already yielded a slew of earth-shattering results for our prodigious clientele, Quickly closing the time gaps that accompany traditional or less effective executive-search campaigns among Cal Titus Sports' direct competition.

This speed and proficiency leads to quicker on-boarding with specialized candidates. By proxy, CTS also attracts the highest breed of savvy executive, knowing their career fate rests in the most capable of hands. Given Cal Titus Sports' success with converting the acquisition of human capital into an art form, why go anywhere else for this vital phase of career and organizational development?

The great epiphany here: You shouldn't, you wouldn't and YOU WON'T!
Our competition silently confronts this cold reality on a daily basis.

Digital Transformation

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The Ideal Proprietary Solution for every possible obstacle

Cal Titus Sports' ascension in the executive-search realm coincides with the lightning-fast changes of this digital age, where companies are continually tasked with making definitive real-time decisions and gleaning long-term strategies from large masses of raw data.

Fortunately, our team of experienced engineers and Web developers have created the ideal proprietary solutions for every possible obstacle. The best companies have always possessed the ability to think, learn and execute certain measures on the fly.

But now, these same entities must also reconcile the expedient demands of being versatile and scalable. And while failure is never an option ... it's certainly a tremendous motivator for long-term growth.

As such, we will never stand down from the challenge of building a better model for attracting blue-chip clients and developing high-end employees.

We Never Stand Down from the Challenge

Cultural Significance

It All Starts with Forward thinking Directors.

Transforming workforce culture remains one of the most underrated components to long-term corporate growth; and it all starts at the top, through the guidance of forward-thinking directors and implementation of crucial benchmarks:

* Have the organizational goals/objectives been explicitly conveyed to each employee?

* Does every worker have a full understanding of the unspoken rules of that business?

* Is the feedback between director and employee consistent, constructive and positive in tone?

* Are the workers inspired by their colleagues and supervisors on a daily basis?

Cal Titus Sports offers an easily accessible, highly effective system for teaching organizations to maximize interoffice efficiency, in terms of bolstering morale, increasing output, restoring trust, eradicating poor communication habits and constructing a healthier dynamic throughout the corporate structure.

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