Cal Titus Sports has meticulously assembled a renowned team of tough-minded negotiators, expert researchers, embedded analysts, influential athletes, connected media and plugged-in corporate/educational/financial leaders to facilitate the best coaching or executive hires in collegiate and professional sports.

We also possess the requisite firepower to change, enhance and powerfully unleash our clients’ full potential in the most positive of ways. The CTS group's experience with high-profile hires at prominent institutions and flagship pro franchises might have few peers in the industry, but there's never any complacency here.

Each Cal Titus Sports consultant offers a wealth of experience, prestige and connectivity to the highly competitive realm of collegiate and professional sports.

We're passionate about our clients. We're at our most productive and efficient when working in a committed, collaborative environment. We're driven to provide a level of personal service that can neither be matched ... or replicated when retaining the person or group's business down the road. This methodology runs in accordance with Cal Titus' unparalleled capabilities for researching and networking, the full implementation of company resources on every project, while completing every necessary task in relatively short order.

The Cal Titus Sports team boasts premium access to coaches, players, league officials, media conglomerates, tournament organizers and team executives throughout the world.

In most cases, we're just a phone call away from putting a prospective coach or executive in the room with top-level decision-makers. How did we build this supreme network of talented and dedicated leaders? And how does it translate to maximizing the high-pressure process of finding the perfect fit ... at the optimum time? For starters, Cal Titus Sports launches a detail-oriented brainstorm campaign with its clients, gaining a thorough understanding of their best-case perception of every crucial vacancy. Next, through an interconnected process of tapping into global contacts and accessing data-driven materials, CTS prioritizes a hard-target search of prominent fits for each sports and/or education-based vacancy, identifying and celebrating the unique traits, experiences and personality markers of a future stalwart with the athletics, educational, technology or human resource fields.

At Cal Titus Sports, each custom-tailored solution maximizes the best for each client, while emphasizing leadership potential, engagement acumen and the ability to reach a cross-section of organizational members, all working toward the same goals.

In the end, this type of success and commitment serves as our best advertisement for long-term retention.