Facilitating the best coaching or executive hires in collegiate and professional sports.

Our proficiency leads to quicker on-boarding with specialized candidates Let Cal Titus Sports deliver the best of the best. It's what you deserve.

Our Team

We're driven to provide a level of service that can neither be matched...or replicated when retaining the person or group's business down the road.

Four-Point Checklist

Our clean, relentless obsession for matching up the right person to any vacancy must comply with an extensive four-point checklist.

A Plan for Everything

We take immense pride and great care in procuring our reputation as a worldwide leader with coaching and executive hires within collegiate and professional sports

Proprietary Tools

Cal Titus Sports' proprietary "CTS Database" contains/maintains data and statistical analysis, spanning a multitude of industries.

Digital Transformation

Our team of experienced engineers and Web developers have created the ideal proprietary solutions for every possible obstacle.

Cultural Significance

Cal Titus Sports offers an easily accessible, highly effective system for teaching organizations to maximize interoffice efficiency

Cal Titus Sports offers a wealth of experience prestige connectivity to the competitive realm of collegiate & professional sports.

We're passionate about our clients. We're at our most productive and efficient when working in a committed, collaborative environment.

Why We Excel

No firm can simulate Cal Titus Sports' inside access to major power brokers, covering many different fields and spanning countless countries around the globe. As part of this vast undertaking, we will never handle our well-connected network with negligent care.

In other words, the union of executive prospect and prolific company would only become proper once both parties share the same creative and logistical goals. Otherwise, it's merely a waste of everyone's time ... and in our business, time IS money.

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Succession Management
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